Venture Capital

AMK Investment Office makes opportunistic investments in venture capital funds as well as directly in companies with strong management teams, that have significant growth potential on a global basis. Our investments vary in stage from early to late, covering a broad range of sectors.

Below are some examples of our diversified investments




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Real Estate

As the Next Generation, The members of the Alkhawaja family have a diverse property portfolio ranging from residential real estate in London, Paris and New York to commercial; residential; and agricultural real estate across the MENA region with a strong presence in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

AMK Investment Office manages the property portfolios for the family members with a focus on enhancing long term value.

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Public & Capital Markets

AMK Investment Office manages public markets investment portfolios for the family members working with various private wealth management institutions with a focus on preserving and enhancing wealth for the future generations.

Our portfolios mainly consist of tradable securities on global exchanges in diversified equity capital markets (ECM) and debt capital markets (DCM).

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